Read FAQ and may you find the answer about Pizzap & Paiswap. If not, feel free to contact us in discord (https://discord.gg/sQqH2pq9ut), and describe the issue as detailed as possible.

I sent PI from L1 to L2 on PaiSwap, but I didn’t receive PI in the L2.

Don't worry, your asset is safe. This situation may caused due to several transactions stuck in subchain. Select one option below to recover it.
Option1: Resend via Plian PIwallet (Desktop version) to recover it. Check here to see the guide.
Option2: Send a transaction with the new Custom nonce via Metamask. Please send your wallet address and the transaction hash to [email protected] We will reply you with the custom nonce number you should enter. Then follow this guide to recover .

I can't send any transactions on L1 or L2 at paiswap.io.

Please check your Metamask if there is a transaction you haven't confirmed. It always shows like below pic. If so, please click it and confirm first. Then retry.

When I try to connect wallet to Plian, it returns the connection error.

It may due to the network issue. Please try to connect later.

"Error: Replacement transaction underpriced"

Because the transaction made before is still processing. Suggest you to wait for a moment and retry. But if you want to make this new transaction to supersede the former one, you can increase the gas price to proceed.

How can I withdraw the “PNFT earned” at any time without changing the staking amount?

Input 0 to “staked”.

I’m gonna staking 30 million PI. But I can’t stake them all. What happened?

The maximum PI staking amount on PaiSwap is 20 million. If you wanna stake more than 20 million, please use another account to stake.

Why does the “PNFT mining reward” sometimes become less?

It is the total benefit value of the pool. It becomes less sometimes because some people choose to withdraw their PNFT benefit at any time frequently.
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