Intro: Pizzap - Voice NFT and DeFi Ecosystem

Background & Overview

The IP resource is often very expensive and relative limited. NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) attracted a lot of attention globally. More and more people realized that NFT can be another killer application of blockchain technology. Existing NFT projects mainly focused on IP tokenization from digital arts, video, music, game, super stars in music or sports, etc. Obviously, the bottleneck of all existing NFT is from IP resources or celebrity.
Voice NFT is somewhat a brand new technology which extracted new IP from human or animal sources. In short, Voice NFT is a technology to mint your global unique voice print into a NFT and enable the usage and trading of your voice print globally. Without NFT and voice cloning tech, we can hardly implement that. Would you sell your voice print to me with $100? The most answer is NO. While Pizzap provides a way to mint it into a Model NFT. That means, every Model NFT should has its inherent value.
With the significant shift of the blockchain ecosystem’s focus onto Decentralized Finance (DeFi), there exists a need for a DeFi platform that satisfies the needs of all of the ecosystems requirements. This means assets of many forms and currencies. This is where Pizzap fits in. Pizzap is an Voice NFT, DeFi, DAO integrated infrastructure and ecosystem, developed and owned by its community of users, built upon the best-in-class blockchain platforms and supporting interoperability between blockchains for a seamless user experience.
Deep learning in Artificial Intelligent is another promising direction in IT industry. Existing key problem of deep learning is how to legally acquire enough source data to train the deep learning model. More importantly, it’s hard to identify the source of data let alone the authorization of these data sources. Sometimes, people need to build more and more sandboxes to share the data between two enterprises to train a joint AI model. We believe NFT provides another alternative to accomplish this AI training process. Specifically, the Initial VoiceNFT Offering (IVO) is a process of AI training process with trackable data sources (Plian data NFT, pNFT), generated voice model (Model NFT, mNFT) and the instance applications of the model (Voice NFT, vNFT).
Pizzap will be developed in three layers: the Voice NFT platform, the Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

Scenario & Applications

Voice NFT has many potential applications. Specifically, it can be adopted in following directions:
    the voice in metaverse beyond pic and music, voice social network by NFT
    industry applications, voice print ID, payment, muti-person interaction with automobile in auto-driving, visitors in smart home.
    voice NFT can be combined with all other NFTs in other form in metaverse, eg, text, picture, video, etc.

The use scenario includes:

    Commercial advertisement – vNFT can be a customized voice NFT generated by mNFT and used as commercial advertisement. For example, if an automobile enterprise named ABC bought a mNFT of Trump, it can mint a voice NFT in Trump voice as its commercial advertisement "ABC automobile is intelligent. Some people would say ABC is very, very, very intelligent" .
    Special and unique gift for fans - in different interest groups. Many super stars have his/her fans. And his/her fans would like to get some special and unique gift from the super stars. While super star can hardly have time to accomplish these kind of customized special gift for their fans. The customized voice NFT by mNFT makes this possible. Every fan can buy one time authorization of mNFT of Lady Gaga with relative low price. Tom can generate whatever he hopes to hear from Lady Gaga. For example he can mint a new voice NFT in Lady Gaga’s voice "Good Morning, Tom!".
    A souvenir forever crosses the time and space - a relative/family/your favorite teacher minted a mNFT when he/she is alive. you missed him/her very much after he/she passed away. Your startup met serious problem recently. You didn’t see any hope and became despair. Your son found & bought his/her mNFT and generated a new vNFT using the last mint authorization of this mNFT. The vNFT sounds " Hold on. There will be tomorrow. In time, you find the way" . You are deeply encouraged by this vNFT. Very soon, your company got a new 1 million investment and survived.
    Unlimited IP generator. Frank asked an open question " how to learn the riding dance of Gangnam Style" and got thousand answers globally. The top answer is " Find PSY’s dog and follow its pace for one day". Frank used this question and mint a new vNFT by the mNFT of Trump ($5,000). Lucy, the top answer author, mint the vNFT by the mNFT of PSY($2,000). This Q&A became a Q&A vNFT and sold with 20k million dollars. More and more interesting Q&A can be derived.

NFT Trading Platform

An area of extreme attention and growth, NFT has seen rapid growth and popularity over the past year. Despite this, very little innovation has occurred in new use cases or in its application to DeFi. Pizzap looks to solve this by bringing key innovation present in the Plian blockchain as well as a brand new use case with NFT.
Many uses in smart contracts as well as in NFT rely on random numbers to securely randomize selection of candidates, values or assets. While currently, projects like Chainlink offer this through Verifiable Random Functions (VRFs) as an oracle to be called when performing random actions. This comes at a high cost. Plian inherently supports this as the blockchain consensus protocol uses VRFs in the selection mechanism for block creation leader. By enabling the use of the same technology used for block creation, NFTs and smart contracts, Plian and Pizzap can provide verifiable randomness in a solution that is far more scalable and therefore cheaper than other alternatives. This unlocks massive applications in NFT for gaming applications.
To further build the cross blockchain integration with Plian and other crypto-ecosystems and to build future liquidity streams, Pizzap NFT platform will be built upon Binance Smart Chain. This will not only open up the inclusion of many more cryptocurrencies in the platform, but also allow integration into the decentralized exchange as an entrance into the Pizzap platform. This will allow users to stake and mine liquidity with both PI, ETH and more to get initial NFT tokens.
As a proof of concept and Pizzap’s initial step into NFT, Pizzap will bring something never seen before in NFT. In collaborating with one of the top AI speech providers, Pizzap NFT v1.0 will bring voice and audio NFTs based on voiceprint technology.

What is a Voice NFT?

Each NFT will be an audio clip based upon a digital voice print model. This will allow users to create custom audio clips in a variety of voices and languages to trade and collect, creating a social network in the process. Creators will be able to mint their own digital audio NFTs, purchase and trade for others, and create custom NFTs with the help of the voice print service.
The dialect and language voice NFTs will be created by collecting dialect and language audio files from users all over the world with the help of the DAO mechanism to provide these files to the voiceprint technology provider to train the voice models.
This NFT platform will have four different token types with their specific function:
    mNFT: Voice Model NFT, minted by the sound source files via the voice cloning techs upon successful proposal from the DAO.
    vNFT: Voice NFT, by purchasing the right to use the mNFT. A vNFT can be generated through Pizzap NFT marketplace.
    PNFT: Ticket for mining mNFT token, used also as a medium of exchange on the NFT marketplace. The PNFT will be connected with a mNFT. And these PNFT will formulate a pool of PNFT for the mNFT. Whenever the mNFT be sold with higher price, all the connected PNFT will get part of the benefit based on the portion in the pool. A total of 200 million PNFT tokens will be issued.
    MAPI: DAO token, created on the Plian blockchain, used to govern the Pizzap platform and all the key indexes of voice NFT.
The overall architecture is as Figure 1:
Figure 1. NFT Platform Architecture

What is a Digital Voice Print Model?

With the development of artificial intelligence and neural network technology, speech synthesis technology has become more and more mature, which can synthesize natural and emotional sounds. The voice cloning service we provide is based on the existing mature voice synthesis technology, allowing users (such as content creators) to flexibly produce synthesized voices and generate copies of their voices for content creation on different platforms.
Our voice cloning service uses deep learning technology to learn to “listen” to the different pronunciation and rhythm characteristics of each person when speaking, capture the delicate and changing emotions in the sound, and finally simulate the voice that sounds exactly like the original sound. Specifically, our voice cloning system includes two main components: the speaker voiceprint model and the multi-speaker speech synthesis model.
The speaker voiceprint model is responsible for learning to listen and capture the characteristics of the speaker, analyze and extract various vocalization information and characteristics of the speaker from (a small amount of) personal voice records, and save it in the voiceprint features. This voiceprint feature, which represents a speaker’s voice characteristics, is then sent to a multi-speaker speech synthesis model, and combined with the information of the text feature, the text information is expanded to the time domain and frequency domain to complete the speech synthesis.
Pizzap will provide the following two modes of service:
    Homogeneous service mode. Users can choose their favorite speaker from the existing candidate voices in the system, and then synthesize the voice according to their needs.
    Customized service mode. Based on personal voice recordings submitted by users, our system will create exclusive voice cloning models for users. These models can be called for speech synthesis services at any time when needed.

What is an Initial Voice Offering?

When a voiceprint model hasn’t yet been created and someone wants access to a voice NFT not yet in existence, an Initial Voice Offering (IVO) must be proposed by the community and voted upon within the DAO. To do this the process is as shown in Figure 2:
Figure 2. Process of IVO
    First, the proposer must stake PNFT to the proposal to ensure only serious proposals are put forward.
    The community then stakes PNFT to vote on the proposal.
    If the voting amount reaches the target amount, the proposal is approved. If not, then this IVO proposal ends and all users PNFT is unlocked.
    Once approved, the target person must approve use of the voice. If not, then the IVO proposal ends and the user’s PNFT is unlocked.
    Once voice authorization is obtained, the Model NFT ( mNFT) is minted for the target person on the Pizzap NFT marketplace.
    The amount of PNFT that was staked during the proposal is then distributed to the target person, the community and the proposer based on the proportions of distribution.
    Once the mNFT is minted, users can purchase rights to use the mNFT with PNFT/PI/USDT/MAPI to generate a new Voice NFT (vNFT) with the text of their choosing through the NFT marketplace. In the future, the purchasing income, including using rights, purchasing and trading profits, will also be distributed to the target person, community and the proposer.

Generalizing NFT for Future Uses

At present, the two areas most widely applied to NFT in the blockchain world are the trading of collectibles and gaming applications. But NFT has many uses outside these applications. Because of their non-fungible and indivisible nature, NFT can anchor commodities in the real world, such as licensed tickets, an audio clip of valuable content, limited edition luxury goods, and uniquely designed jewelry, etc, to an immutable blockchain. To realize the full potential of NFT, Pizzap will be carefully building the NFT platform to be inherently generalized so to eventually include applications for anything where validity and traceability are required.
The overall workflow of voice NFT is as following diagram:
Figure 3. Voice NFT wor
For the Initial voice NFT Offering, there are 3 different roles: participants, sponsor and voice IP owner. These 3 roles will become the shareholder of the mNFT.

Decentralized Exchange PaiSwap

PaiSwap Overview

The Pizzap Decentralized Exchange (DEX) named PaiSwap builds upon what has been achieved by other projects in this space like Uniswap and Sushiswap, but built upon a blockchain layer that greatly reduces the fees associated with trading while maintaining the same level of accessibility by having liquidity options provided by all the most popular cryptocurrencies. The details of the DEX will be released in a later whitepaper dedicated to the platform.
The DEX will operate with a traditional liquidity model with Pizzap’s own liquidity token that provides incentives for holders and provides a medium for decentralized governance.

Liquidity Token - Introducing MAPI

With the DEX, Pizzap introduces the MAPI token native to the Plian blockchain which will power everything from trades, liquidity rewards to decentralized governance and community growth. Through MAPI, users will be rewarded for just holding the token by redistributing trade fees paid for in MAPI. A portion of these fees will be burned creating an inherently deflationary supply to drive the incentive to hold and lend.
Total issuance: 100 million, distributed as follows:
    45% is rewarded to the supporters who actively participate in PaiSwap.
    2% is rewarded to those who promote Pizzap community development including community building, community service, etc.
    25% is allocated to the DAO fund pool which subjects to community supervision. The use of funds includes but is not limited to ecosystem construction, sponsorship, etc.
    7% is allocated to the community public offering. The maximum supply for fixed-price sales is 3% of the total issuance. The maximum supply for public auction is 4% of the total issuance.
    8% is rewarded to core contributors who play important roles in project and community development prior to full handover to the community.
    1% is rewarded to community members who keep active in community and promote projects to the world.
    12% is rewarded to the initial liquidity providers for DAO token MAPI.
As MAPI will be the primary trading pair and currency within Pizzap, fee generation will play a powerful role in the value of the token. To drive this value, each transaction will have a 10% commission fee which will be distributed as follows: 3% will be distributed to all current MAPI holders, 2% will be burned directly and the remaining 5% will be added back to the liquidity pool for automated market making.
The overall MAPI ecosystem is outlined in Figure 5. Specifically, an important token economic of PaiSwap is to get 10% commission fee of MAPI for the trading. For these commission fee, 50% of MAPI amout will be sent to LP pool. And 30% of MAPI will be returned to MAPI holders. 20% of MAPI will be burned.
Figure 5. MAPI Token Ecosystem

Pizzap DAO

When it comes down to further development and growth of the platform, no one knows better than the community as to where development is most needed and how to use available funding. This is perhaps the most powerful use of MAPI will be in the use of governing the development and growth of the Pizzap platform. 25% of the total MAPI supply will be allocated to DAO funding. With the community, the MAPI holders, determining how it is spent. This spending can go towards technical development as well as community and ecosystem development.
The main DAO function of MAPI includes:
    Listing other new projects in PaiSwap.
    The key attribution of mNFT including the number of uses
    The IP resource/target of IVO
    The usage of community share
    a. Sponsorship
    b. vNFT social media function evolution
    Management of DAO community members
    Some other extended DAO functions


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